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Why we love audio

“Imagine yourself in the tropical heat, lying on a Caribbean beach as a steel band plays in the distance; a waiter approaches and pours you a long, cool glass of something exotic and refreshing.    A moment later, you’re in a dentist’s chair, with beads of sweat on your brow as he fires up the dreaded drill.”


What has taken 56 words to describe could be done in audio with no words at all and just four sound effects: waves, ice cubes into drink, dentist’s drill.


Research has shown that to connect with a person’s memory and emotion, nothing is more effective than sound.    


And in the new audio age – the age of smart speakers and voice activation – that a brand has a sound, and how it sounds, is more important than ever.  

Girl in gym listening to podcast

Although audio directly stimulates just your hearing, it fully engages the other four senses and the mind.  Unlike TV and film where the pictures appear in front of you, audio forces you to conjure up your own pictures to go with the words, music and sound effects you’re hearing.  And because you’ve been the one who created those pictures, their impact will be greater.

That’s why audio can not only be hugely effective; it’s why it’s such a great medium to work with. 


The new audio age is bringing more ways a brand can connect with an audience using audio; not just through traditional radio channels, but also online streaming and on-demand content, podcasts, in-app, ambient installations and more.

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