Trisonic was on the podium this week at the Digiday Media Buying Forum.

Audio is now big news and enjoying a renaissance, with a lot of interest in some of the newer audio platforms such as streaming services and podcasting.  So it’s not surprising that one of the Trisonic’s founders, Howard Bareham, was invited along to enlighten the audience of digital media professionals on the audio options available now, and to predict how the audio landscape will develop in the future.

Entitled “The New Audio Age”, Howard’s presentation explained how the audio renaissance is being driven by advancing technology, better connectivity, investment in content, increased targeting and attribution options.  He also identified a migration of media spend from traditional radio to digital audio and vice versa.

Outlining best practice in applying the audio medium, Howard stressed that adapting the creative to match the platform has a positive effect on effectiveness. For instance, the podcast listening experience is immersive and intimate and very different to the traditional radio listening experience, and so the production style of the commercials should take that into account.

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