Tripod is the audio advertising podcast from Trisonic.

Audio is big news. More people are listening to audio content in more places and more ways than ever before.  From traditional radio and streaming services to, yes, podcasts. And that means there are some amazing opportunities for businesses and brands to promote themselves using audio.

If you’re new to the medium and are wondering how best to approach audio advertising, this podcast gives you the lowdown in easy-to-follow bitesize episodes.  Your host is Matt Hopper, Trisonic’s Co-founder and Creative Director. Follow on Spotify here or view the videos below.

Season One Trailer

Tripod - The Audio Advertising Podcast.

If you're using or thinking of using audio to promote your brand or business, whether through radio, streaming services, podcasts, or however...this show is for you. Season One covers the basics of the Creative process. From how to brief an audio campaign, to the role of AI in audio production. ...

Season One

Our first season is designed to help people new to the medium, with the focus on Creative. Episodes are published fortnightly and will appear here once released.

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