Recent Work

Case Study

The Client

The Lady Magazine is one of the UK’s longest-running magazines and has been in continuous production since 1885. It has a particular reputation for domestic service recruitment

The Brief

The sector The Lady wanted to focus on was roles for Live-in Carers. Our job was to create awareness and drive response for their end-to-end live-in carer recruitment service. The target audience was the children and guardians of elderly parents and relatives who would be considering help for them.

The Solution

Media Buying

Selecting someone to help a close relative is a considered one and we needed an audio solution which offered a high trust environment as well as a wide reach of the target audience.

We know from research that radio as a whole has high trust metrics, but even more so when it comes to news. Radio is one of the most trusted sources of news and research shows that this trust in radio can successfully transfer to advertisers… Accordingly, activity ran nationally in a news and speech environment.


The Lady wanted to come across as confident, trusted and dependable with a nod to its long history but conversely, with its new recruitment service being based online, with its feet well and truly in modern times.

Rather than a standard ‘announcement’, we wanted to bring some real world experience into the ad, and show that The Lady empathises with families whose elderly relatives have reached the point where they need live-in care but struggle to find the right person.  The script leads on narrative from a typical user of The Lady’s recruitment service, telling the story of how and why, of all the choices available, our character selected on The Lady as a trusted source of a fully vetted, professional live-in carer for their mum.  It’s one of the most important decisions any family will have to make and ultimately it’s all about trust.