Old El Paso



A national radio campaign developed for General Mills for their Mexican food brand, Old El Paso.


The brief was to reposition the image of Mexican food as a food made for sharing, a food that brings people together and a food people will associate with good times, with the theme “Make Some Noise”.


The lead on this commercial was the music and effects; we strongly encouraged the client to licence a track already used on TV,  ‘Fireball’ by Pitbull featuring John Ryan.  We overlayed specially recorded effects of a group of friends enjoying a great evening, accompanied by the sounds of the food.


The result is infectious, and the message strengthened by the call to action to “make this Friday a Fajita Friday”.  We suggested and produced a second execution, “make today a Fajita Friday” for airing on Fridays during the campaign.

Old El Paso "Make Some Noise"