The client

Workplace from Meta (formerly Facebook), is an online collaborative software tool developed by Meta Platforms. It facilitates online groupwork, instant messaging, video conferencing and news sharing.

The brief

Trisonic was invited by creative agency Across The Pond and the Facebook creative team to bring their audio ideas to life for an international radio campaign relaunching Workplace. Each of the two scripts needed to be localised with native accented characters and brand voices for each territory – the UK, the USA and Australia.

The solution

Working to a tight deadline, we cast 12 voices spanning three continents, and recorded all voice parts in a one day session, both down the line from remote studios in Australia and the US and at our London studio.

Natural delivery and ‘realness’ was a priority, and we added sound design to complement the scenes and differentiate office, outdoor and WFH work environments. The music is Shirley Ellis’s ‘Clapping Song’, from which we removed vocals where necessary so the brand message punches through.

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