How does Podcast Advertising Work?

Podcasts are an audio file or an episode of content that’s streamed or downloaded to a connected device such as a smartphone. There are thousands of podcasts of all shapes and sizes covering lots of subjects.

“12.4m people in the UK listen to a podcast each week”

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing areas of the audio market, and we have access to all the podcast provider platforms. We know the market inside out and advise our clients on the best strategy, the best podcasts to use and how to use them. We can also create podcasts for advertisers and brands.

There are three main recognised Podcast advertising formats:


Running Pre-, Mid- and Post-roll within the podcast


Live reads and presenter endorsements

Branded content

Creating your own bespoke podcast

Podcasts are great for reaching people in a very personal way. They are in ‘active listen mode’ so you have their full attention, which means they are more receptive to your advertising message.

So you have to think carefully about your message and the style of creative you use. We’ll guide you through the creation of your podcast ads.

How much does Podcast advertising cost ?

The cost of Podcast advertising varies by the style and scope of activity. So whether you choose airtime or sponsorship, and which podcasts you advertise in.

We can let you know quickly what the cost would be and advise you how best to use podcasts to fulfil your objectives.

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85% of podcast listening is done through earphones; it’s an intimate communication to listeners who are super-engaged in the podcast they’ve chosen to stream or download.

Podcast ads are therefore more immersive, quieter affairs than radio ads. We will guide you through the creative process to arrive at an ad or ads which really resonate with your target audience on a personal level.

To give your campaign extra edge, why not consider using 3D audio? Headphone listening offers you the chance to truly immerse the listener in your world with the use of binaural 3D sound. Using specialist microphones and processing, we can ‘place’ voices, music and sounds in any dimension, vertically as well as horizontally, to create a huge sound stage inside the listener’s head. 3D audio is hard to ignore and a very powerful tool.


“We approached Trisonic to help us with a podcast campaign which was a first for our brand. From initial planning and recommendations through to creative production Trisonic were great to work with and provided thorough insight at each step of the process, helping us to maximise our budget with a targeted media plan.”

– Hollie Ryding, Brand and Marketing Manager, Maximuscle


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