Recent Work

Case Study

The Client

Nature Valley launched its granola bar in 1975 and is famous worldwide for offering a range of snack products, all made with natural ingredients.

The Brief

In our latest collaboration with Nature Valley, the brief was twofold:

• To produce a sonic identity for the Nature Valley brand, and
• To create a radio commercial promoting the Nature Valley Full Mix bar.

The sonic identity needed to convey that Nature Valley is the brand which reconnects you with the feeling of nature. It should make people feel uplifted, motivated and encouraged to go outdoors.

The brief for the commercial was challenging: to bring to life (sonically) the unique aspect of the Full Mix proposition: the triple texture through chewy blueberries, crunchy nuts and seeds, and creamy peanut butter. What are the sounds associated to each of those texture aspects? How can they distinctively come to life?

The Solution

As in all our audio branding projects, the production of the sonic identity began by working up 2-3 diverse outline options, and then refining the chosen option. The chosen route is largely effects-based and is inspired by the feeling of exhilaration you get when you step outside and breathe your first breath of fresh air. We coupled the breath inhale and exhale with sounds of nature, and of course the crunch of a Nature Valley bar.

For the ad, the challenge of representing the chewiness, crunchiness and creaminess of the Full Mix bar was met by composing a special music bed, each quality of the bar being represented by a different sound, bringing them all together towards the end for the ‘full mix’.

Sonic ID

Radio ad

“I was thrilled with the collaboration with Trisonic, and with the results! We produced an engaging ad for our new product range along with Nature Valley’s first sonic signature in the UK, and we got there through an iterative process which Trisonic made both easy and fun to be a part of. They really listen to the feedback and come up with innovative sound solutions to fit the brief.”

– Helene Henderson, Nature Valley Brand Manager, General Mills


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