Recent Work

Case Study

The Client

John Lewis & Partners is an iconic British retail brand with over 50 stores across the UK.

The Brief

Many stores are now being extensively updated to make the John Lewis & Partners shopping experience a truly modern one for everyone.   This inevitably involves a fair amount of upheaval during refurbishment, and so radio is being used to reassure customers that ‘newness is coming’, and to tease new features of the store before and as they become available.

The Solution

The Partners are a vital part of the John Lewis organisation and each and every one of them a part-owner of it, so it was only right they featured on the commercials.


Giving a radio commercial script to someone who’s not versed in the art of voice acting often results in an ad that sounds like it’s being read, so there was no script.  Instead, we recorded conversations with Tracy and Sophie around key areas we needed to cover in the ads, and edited phrases together to give it a really personal feel.


This is one of several executions aired during Summer and Autumn 2019.

Involving Partners in these commercials was key, and Trisonic’s suggestion not to work to scripts was a first for us.  We needn’t have worried; you wouldn’t know Tracy and Sophie were inexperienced in front of a microphone.  They come across very naturally, and after two recording sessions they now regard themselves as pros!

Rachael Burton, Partner and Local Marketing, John Lewis & Partners