The great thing about audio is that it’s universal. Great audio ideas can work anywhere in the world, but it needs skilful transcreation to ensure the messaging in international campaigns is right for the locality.

“We don’t just translate, we transcreate”

Transcreation in any language

Delivering audio that really connects with an international audience means using people who write in and are familiar with the nuances of their native language. Google Translate just won’t cut it. So we use a network of transcreators around the World to ensure your message punches through…wherever it’s broadcast, downloaded or streamed.

International voices

The right words are one thing: delivering them in the right accent and with the right inflection is quite another. We have access to voices from almost every country around the World, some UK-based and some available via broadcast quality audio link from their native country.

International production

Once we’ve created the scripts and booked the voices, we’ll have a language specialist at the recording session to make sure the voice performances are up to scratch. Post-production and worldwide delivery of your audio is also of course part of our service.

International media buying

We buy radio and audio around the world through carefully selected strategic partners, to deliver best value on international campaigns outside of the UK.

“Dealing with Trisonic is an absolute pleasure. We were looking for specialists in radio spot creation who could make a 30 second message stand out. We found that Trisonic has that magic: well-written creative mixed with appropriate production and fantastic one-on-one service. Happy client and great results to play out on South African radio stations.”

– Simon Parkinson, Director, Ultimate Media, South Africa


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