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Case Study

The Client

Flytdex is the only teacher-focused platform on the market. Designed, reviewed and tested by teachers, Flytdex have combined the core processes and tools every educator needs to deliver a quality education to streamline teachers’ workload.

The Brief

To heighten awareness of Flytdex among educators – specifically teachers in the State and Private school system, and private tutors, and to encourage them to sign up for a free trial on the platform.

The Solution

The route we used was perhaps not an obvious one but it’s effective. Empathetic to every good teacher’s passion to provide the best education possible, the device we use at the start of each commercial is an easily grasped illustration of what an incomplete education can result in – patchy knowledge.

The solution is to reduce the time teachers have to spend on admin and free up more time to do the job they love.

The call to action is to sign up for a free trial, and we produced different executions of varying durations for teachers in three principal subject areas: Science, Maths, and Languages.

“We had thought long and hard about how to promote Ftytdex using radio, and Trisonic got to the heart of the proposition with a simple but imaginative approach. We didn’t change one word of their scripts, and we’re delighted with the commercials.  From initial briefing to delivery of the finished audio, the whole process ran smoothly – we’d highly recommend them.”

– Drew Nash, CEO, Flytdex


English – 40 seconds

Maths – 40 seconds

Languages – 40 seconds

English – 30 seconds

Generic – 20 seconds


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