FAQs – Answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or want more detail please get in touch.

Audio ad production

You can run a radio ad on digital services like Spotify, but they may need adapting or remixing to suit the digital platform you are using and there may be additional voice and music usage charges to pay. We advise adaption for optimum engagement and execute adaptations in tandem with the radio ad for cost efficiency.

Yes you can. At Trisonic, our experience means we broadly know what works and what doesn’t, but if you’re making a considerable investment in media, it makes sense to back our hunches with hard research. We’ve devised one of the easiest most cost-effective creative testing solutions. We call it The Trisonic Lab. We can test a single ad or a complete set of audio branding. We can test music and voice options, test creative executions against each other, and also test your creative against competitor brands.

Yes you can. Careful use of hit songs can add real cut through to audio campaigns, but songs need to be licensed for use on ads or any branded content. Rights would need to be negotiated with the artist and publisher. This can be a lengthy and expensive process but we can get all the necessary clearances for you, subject to permissions. Some artists and composers will want to know more about the advertiser and how the song will be used.

In the UK, in most cases radio ads need script clearance before being broadcast. They are cleared for broadcast by the governing body of the UK Commercial Radio industry, Radiocentre. The clearance service ensures that advertising messages on commercial radio stations comply with the necessary content rules and standards laid out in the BCAP Code of Broadcast Advertising and the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. We can handle clearances on your behalf.

We partner with several studios in Central London, and can arrange recording sessions in any studio, in any location.

To get started on creating an audio ad, we can either take your brief in person, over the phone or online meeting, or you can use our online briefing form here.

The time it takes to make a radio ad can vary. There are occasions where we have taken a brief, written and recorded the script and put an ad to air on the same day. Of course, this is highly unusual. The speed of the production process will depend on the speed of approvals and clearance, the complexity of the ad and copy deadlines. An ad with multiple voices, sound effects and custom-composed music will take longer than a one-voice ad without music. As a general rule of thumb, we advise to allow an absolute minimum of 5 working days.

Radio ads should be as long as is needed to communicate the key message. Depending on the message, the target audience, the call to action and the creative treatment this could be anywhere between 10 seconds and 60 seconds, or longer.

Simplicity is key to the success of an audio advertising campaign, and we advise that an ad should only contain ONE key message. If you need to communicate multiple key messages you will need multiple versions of your ad.

Listeners are unlikely to recall a phone number so we usually advise not to use numbers in your call to action, unless it’s a highly memorable number and an essential response method. Phone numbers may look short on the page, but they take up a lot of selling time. There’s more about Call to Action in this episode of our podcast, Tripod.

Immersive audio is audio produced in 3D using binaural techniques which allow us to place sounds around the listener when listening on headphones.

Podcast Production and promotion

No, you don’t need to have a studio or even access to one to record a podcast. For the highest quality audio and video content, we always advise recording in one of our studios, but we also record many podcasts remotely using specialist remote recording platforms which are capable of recording high quality audio and HD video. With the right setup of microphones and cameras, and expert post-production, we can achieve near studio quality.

Yes we do edit podcasts! If you have already recorded your podcast, we will edit it and master it ready for publishing, including removal of filler words and hesitations, noise reduction and audio processing for optimum quality.

Yes we do produce video podcasts. We have studios enabled for multi camera coverage and can also record high quality video remotely. Video is also extremely useful for podcast promotion and audience building. Check out our video podcast.

There are various stages to publishing a podcast. Podcasts need to be hosted on a server and have what’s called an rss feed so that followers receive the latest episodes as soon as they are released. Once the show is set up with description, artwork, categorisation and the first audio episode, it needs to be distributed to all the podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music. We can handle hosting and distribution for you, and this is included in most of our podcast production packages.

Great unique podcast content can be enough to build a sizeable audience by word or mouth, but if you want to boost audience growth you will need to promote your podcast. There are many ways to promote a podcast: leverage your guests’ profiles by encouraging them to promote the episodes they appear in. Promote on social media, using audiograms, video clips or pull quotes. Use PR to publicise your show. Use feed drops to promote your show in other podcasts. Or use digital audio, radio, display, PPC or press advertising. Whether you have an existing podcast you want to promote or you’re starting from scratch, we can help you promote your podcast. Contact us for more details.

The cost of producing a podcast will depend on the complexity of the show and how much input you need from us. Packages range from £199 per episode. For more details and sample packages go here.