How does Digital Audio Advertising Work?

Digital Audio is audio content streamed on a connected device. This includes smartphones, tablets, connected cars and home devices like smart speakers. People listen to radio stations and music streaming services like Spotify via these devices. We are a recognised specialist in this area. We work with every digital audio media supplier in the UK, and can help with international campaigns.

“36.9m people in the UK listen to connected audio each week”

As we become more connected and with the growth of 5G, connected listening is growing. This offers a different dimension to the audio market.

Because we know more about individual listeners and their behaviour, targeting can be more accurate. We can also attribute any action taken as a result of a digital audio campaign. And we go one stage further. We can overlay your own customer data to deliver even greater targeting capabilities.

Some of the targeting options are:

Age &
Day of
Time of
Interests &
Genre or Playlist

Digital Audio gives us more options to target your creative with specific messages because we know more about the listeners.

Dynamic Audio

We can serve different versions of Digital Audio ads to people ‘live’. What we serve may depend on the listener’s location, the weather, the time of day, or the day of the week. Personalising audio ads helps increase advertising effectiveness.

How much does Digital Audio advertising cost ?

The cost for Digital Audio Advertising will depend on how targeted you want to be and which media suppliers you work with. We can guide you through the process and recommend the best style of activity for your objectives

Digital audio creative

Whether it’s podcasts or music streaming services, most people listen to digital audio through earphones. It’s a more intimate communication to listeners that are super-engaged in the content they’ve chosen to stream or download. That requires a different approach to creative. Digital audio ads are more immersive, quieter affairs than radio ads. If we’re producing a campaign that straddles both, a simple change of music or voice performance may be all it needs.

For digital audio advertising with extra edge, use 3D binaural audio. Headphone listening offers you the chance to immerse the listener in your world with the use of binaural 3D sound. Using specialist microphones and processing, we can ‘place’ voices, music and sounds in any dimension. Left, right, above, below, in front and behind. This creates a huge sound stage inside the listener’s head. 3D audio is hard to ignore and a very powerful tool.

We’ll walk you through the whole process to ensure the creative is the right fit for your campaign. We can help with ideas, scripting, voice casting, music production, sound design and copy delivery.


The New Audio Age

Trisonic’s Howard Bareham enlightened an audience of digital media professionals at a Digiday conference on the audio options available now, and to predict how the audio landscape will develop in the future. READ MORE

“We have nothing but good words to say about the guys at Trisonic. Their audio expertise is second to none both on the commercial and creative side.”

– Dan Pimm, Co-owner, December 19


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