An ad made for traditional radio is rarely suitable for the new connected audio age. It’s a completely different kind of listening experience, so we will adapt audio ads especially for digital audio platforms.

85% of podcast listening happens through headphones

Many people listen to podcasts and music streaming services through earphones. So that requires a different creative approach. It’s a more intimate communication to listeners that are super-engaged in the content they’ve chosen to stream or download.

Digital audio ads are more immersive, quieter affairs than radio ads. If we’re producing a campaign that straddles both, a simple change of music or voiceover performance may be all that’s needed.

3D audio

For digital audio advertising with extra edge, use 3D audio.

Headphone listening offers brands the chance to immerse the listener in their world by using binaural 3D sound.

Using specialist microphones and processing, we can ‘place’ voices, music and sounds in any dimension. Left, right, above, below, in front and behind. This creates a huge sound stage inside the listener’s head. 3D audio is hard to ignore and a very powerful tool.

Dynamic audio

Dynamic audio is smart audio. It enables brands to engage individuals with tailored content, and deliver personalised digital audio ads ‘live’ on the go.

When we create a dynamic campaign, we’ll define the elements we can personalise. It could be location, day, time of day, weather, and more. We’ll then record all the possible variations and combine them with data to serve personalised versions of an ad.

How Much do Digital Audio Ads Cost To Make?

Producing a digital audio ad can be very cost effective. The cost will depend on many things. Like the number of campaign impressions or podcasts chosen. The duration of the campaign. The type and number of voices and music used, and the number of executions produced for a campaign.

3D and dynamic audio need more studio time than standard 2D audio. But we always aim to minimise the cost differential.

This all may sound complicated, but we’ll walk you through the whole process and make it easy.

This all may sound complicated, but we’ll walk you through the whole process and make it easy.

“Trisonic made the whole process so easy from start to finish. The communication throughout was great and everything ran smoothly and delivered on time. Would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Lyndsey Flood, Marketing Manager, Subaru UK


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