Recent Work

Case Study

The Client

Compass Fostering is a leading UK independent fostering agency dedicated to providing the best quality outcomes for children and young people.

The Brief

Compass wanted to raise awareness of their fostering services and to recruit new foster carers.  Insights suggest that the emotional connection is one of the biggest factors in deciding to become a foster carer, so we used a medium that has a real emotional connection with its target audience.  Across its many guises ‘connecting emotionally’ is one of audio’s strengths, and our role was to select the best audio platform on which to execute the campaign.

The Solution

Media buying

We selected Podcasts, one of audio’s most intimate and immersive listening platforms that has high attention levels, to use for the campaign. We know that over 85% of listening takes place via headphones making it a one-to-one medium, perfect for making the personal emotional connection with the listeners.


Correct media selection is nothing without engaging and effective creative messaging, and the creative needed to highlight the emotional connection that exists between children and their foster carer, and moreover the great satisfaction a foster carer gets from seeing a child grow and develop.  Bearing in mind the intimate one-to-one nature of podcast listening, the ad opens on a quiet bedtime story scene which then interweaves around the narrative.


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