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Case Study

The Client

ChannelPorts have been clearing goods through the customs process since 1974 and have managed many changes in the regulatory process, often being at the forefront of developing procedures that are adopted nationally. Their expertise is clearing goods in and out of the “Roll on, Roll off” ports of the UK.

Since Brexit, exporting and importing to and from the European Union has become more complex, and the the need for customs clearance is new to many businesses, both in the UK and the EU countries. ChannelPorts has developed systems and procedures to make the process as easy as possible, embodied in their CustomsPro platform.

The Brief

CustomsPro is a digital customs clearance platform which allows businesses to effectively manage import and export declarations to and from the UK and EU without having the technical knowledge of the customs clearance process, simplifying the process as well as saving time and money.

Our brief was to plan and execute a radio campaign to promote CustomsPro, with the aim of generating leads from import/export companies and freight forwarders. In addition, we were commissioned to compose a bespoke audio identity for CustomsPro, and supported with web design and development of a dedicated landing page for the campaign.

The Solution

Media Planning and Buying

The campaign ran across news and speech stations as they offered the right profile and environment to reach the target audience and we know from research that radio is the most trusted source for national news. Importantly research suggests that this trust in radio can successfully transfer to advertisers.

Audio branding

We developed a sonic identity for CustomsPro, based on a mnemonic to aid recall with a ticking stopwatch to denote the time CustomsPro saves over traditional customs clearance. We then composed a music bed thematic to the sonic ID to bind the whole ad together.


Customs clearance is a fairly dry topic, so we injected elements of humour into the scripts to lighten the mood, empathise with companies’ frustration with ‘the old way’ and enlighten them as to the time and cost savings of CustomsPro.

Voice casting

These scripts needed a voice who could convey authority and trustworthiness while at the same time delivering the humour. So we chose the star of ‘Rev’, ‘The Night Manager’ and ‘The Ipcress File’, Tom Hollander.

Landing page

It’s important to make the call to action as simple as possible, so we designed and developed a landing page especially for this campaign.





“We chose Trisonic to run the campaign for CustomsPro customs software for trading goods between the EU and UK. Our first foray into radio advertising and it was obvious from the very first meeting that we had chosen the right partner. Matt and Howard brought the flair, creativity and experience we asked for in our brief, delivering a compelling advert on time and budget. They exceeded our expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trisonic to anyone looking to promote their business through radio advertising. First class!”

– Tom Sommer, Development Director, ChannelPorts Ltd


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