Increasing use of voice and reduced screen time means a cohesive audio strategy is key to the ongoing success of a brand. We’re in the age of smart speakers and connected vehicles. And audio branding provides a unique and distinctive emotional connection with the audience.

You can’t switch your ears off

What is audio branding?

Think of it as an audio equivalent of visual branding. Once designed, a brand’s sound can be adapted and applied across multiple touchpoints:

radio stations
and event audio
Point of
Sale audio

On hold messaging

Where do we begin with audio branding?

When we create an audio identity, we start by gaining a deep understanding of the brand, its consumers and its competitors. Using this knowledge we can create a toolbox of sound, music and voice which matches a brand’s personality. In effect, a whole audio ecosystem, elements of which a brand can use to convey a unique and distinctive image to its audiences, wherever they may be.

Creative testing

We recommend all our clients to adopt a long-term view of sonic branding. In fact, the life of any brand sonic should be five to ten years. It should evolve over time to keep it fresh too, just like visual branding.

To ensure the branding is as effective as it can be, we recommend testing it before implementation in The Trisonic Lab™. This allows us to test options against each other, and against competitors’ branding.

Audio branding improves recall

People are more likely to remember a brand that has a unique audio identity than one that doesn’t. Music is particularly powerful in triggering the parts of the brain which process memory and emotion. Our composers and musicians create sonic identities which contain that all-important ‘earworm’. This forms an emotional connection with the listener and optimises brand salience.

We’ll guide you through the whole process of devising an audio strategy. We’ll help you adapt and apply your audio branding consistently across all relevant touch points and over time. We can also help you draw up a set of audio brand guidelines.

“Brands using music aligned with their identity are 96% more likely to be remembered*”


Matt Hopper’s presentation on audio branding, “What Should A Brand Sound Like?” was one of a number of sessions in Mediatel’s “The Future Of Audio” online conference, streamed live on 16th April 2020.

This was a hugely popular event with over 1700 registrations, and sessions covered everything from the science of sound to new research from Radiocentre showing that UK commercial radio listening hours have doubled since the beginning of March.

In Matt’s presentation, you’ll hear why audio branding is something brands need to be thinking about (especially now), learn the Five Golden Rules of audio branding, and you’ll see an audio identity being created before your very eyes!

If you missed it, catch up with the session here – running time is approximately 20 minutes.

How much does audio branding cost?

The cost of your sonic branding will depend on a number of factors. Like the complexity of the music and its instrumentation. The voice or voices used. The number of elements and mixes we produce. And where and over what period of time you use it. We provide bespoke quotes for every audio branding project, so call us to discuss your requirements.

“I was thrilled with the collaboration with Trisonic, and with the results! We produced an engaging ad for our new product range along with Nature Valley’s first sonic signature in the UK, and we got there through an iterative process which Trisonic made both easy and fun to be a part of. They really listen to the feedback and come up with innovative sound solutions to fit the brief.”

– Helene Henderson, Nature Valley Brand Manager, General Mills


If you’d like to get a conversation about audio branding for your company started, just give us a call, drop us an email or complete our contact form.

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* Leicester University